The website at (our website) is owned by study association A-Eskwadraat and operated by Stichting FMA (we). The terms are applying to all tickets for the PLANCKS Symposium.


Your tickets are non-refundable. In case any of our lecturers has to cancel for any reason at all, you are not eligible for a refund of your ticket.

In the event of a cancelled performance or a performance that has to be abandoned part way through, we will not be liable for additional travel or accommodation expenses.

Ticket discounts

There are no discounts on any tickets for anyone. Also group discount or specific discount cards do not apply.


Tickets are strictly personal. If you bought more than one ticket, only your name will be stated on the ticket, and applies to your whole group. You cannot resell your ticket. If you are unable to make it to the event, you are allowed to resell a ticket you bought on this website, but at all times without profit.

Rules of admission

    • You need a valid ticket which must be produced on arrival in order to enter the lecture hall.
    • Your ticket needs to be printed in such a way that your ticket ID and QR-code are clearly visible and readable.
    • Please check carefully the address, time and date printed on your tickets.
    • The advertised running time may change so please check our website on the day of the symposium.
    • It is not possible to enter the lecture hall if you arrive later than the advertised start time. If you need to leave the lecture hall for any reason then you may be asked to wait until a suitable break in the performance. You can however leave during the break.
    • To ensure our audience safety the organisation may conduct occasional security searches which may include searching your bag before entering the auditorium.
    • Reselling your ticket for profit or commercial gain makes it void.
    • We reserve the right to make alteration to the advertised details for the symposium at short notice (for example cast changes). In these instances, Stichting FMA is not obliged to refund the ticket or exchange for another performance.
    • The performance or public areas may be filmed, sound recorded or photographed. Buying a ticket affirms your consent to the filming, sound recording and/or photography of yourself as a member of the audience and possible subsequent broadcasts/publication.
    • We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to your personal property whilst at the venue.
    • Mobile phones, pagers and other digital equipement must be turned off at all times in the auditorium.
    • Babies in arms are not admitted to the auditorium. All children must be old enough to occupy their own seats. Please check with the organising Committee if there is a lower age limit before arriving at the event.
    • Photography, film or any other recording whatsoever is prohibited during the lectures. Flash photography is strictly prohibited during the whole event.
    • For Health & Safety reasons, wheelchair users are not permitted to transfer into fixed seating.
    • All visitors of the symposium are required to follow the house regulations imposed by the Leiden University Faculty of Science, or any special regulations communicated at the beginning of the event.

About Stichting FMA

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